Dust Control

Dust can cause severe disruptions on a work site and concerns for a community, but is quite simple to control if the right measures are taken. Wind storms can carry loose soil particles miles affecting a potentially large radius.

Enviro-mont has multiple solutions to potential dust problems depending on project demands.

Control Dust Problems with Enviro-mont

NaturesOwn Evolution™ is produced and tested to service worldwide dust control and erosion control demands. Combined with NaturesOwn Triple Tac™ (tackifier), Evolution™ Standard Mulch Matrix (SMM) binds soil particles together with industrial strength fibers for lasting dust control or erosion control projects.

Triple Tac™ is a tackifier commonly used in the dust control and erosion control industry. It’s purpose is to bind the soil particles with the Evolution™ fibers to create a stable matrix. This in turn prevents soil movement stopping potential erosion or dust. Dust control benefits last at least six months.

Dust Control for Traffic

NaturesOwn Dust Control agent is derived from fatty acids which are 100 % biodegradable and will allow for light to heavy traffic depending on the application. The typical application will hold for 3 month in heavy traffic and lighter traffic will hold for 6 months. The application provides instant results to treated areas.