Pad Sediment Control

Drill pad erosion can lead to the loss of hundreds of tons of sediment per year which can cause high maintenance costs and a disaster to operations. Rain water can dislodge soil particles leading to severe erosion and potentially polluting nearby property or waterways. Environmont has developed several solutions to containing sediment on and around drill pad sites.

  • Hydromulching pad slopes will eliminate sediment movement increasing the life of the pad. NaturesOwn X9000 ™ BFM (Bonded Fiber Matrix) is produced, designed, and tested (University of San Diego California) to tackle the toughest erosion control projects in the industry. Strong natural fibers homogenized with an unmatched tackifier to ensure erosion control success. This product was designed to withstand heavy rains over a long period of time on steep slopes.

    X9000™ BFM will provide protection against severe erosion for a long period of time thus extending the life of a drill pad. The material can be used with seed or may be applied at heavier application rates without seed to limit plant growth. A natural fire retardant may be added if requested.
  • Silt fences are designed to filter sediment from moisture. They work well for light to medium sediment run-off and can protect water sources and other property from sediment contamination.
  • Berm placement around the perimeter of the drill pad reduces sheet flow erosion.