Road Access

Access roads are vital, but can also be a hindrance to operations if not properly maintained. Erosion can quickly cause damage to a road, washing it out or making it impassable. However, access roads can be protected by a few key erosion control techniques.

Protect Your Site from Erosion with Enviro-mont

Covering the slope of an access road with a strong hydromulch can provides long lasting protection against sediment run-off. NaturesOwn is compatible with any seed type or can be applied without seed to a high rate for erosion control. NaturesOwn X9000 ™ BFM (Bonded Fiber Matrix) is produced, designed, and tested (University of San Diego California) to tackle the toughest erosion control projects in the industry. Strong natural fibers homogenized with an unmatched tackifier to ensure erosion control success without restricting natural growth. This product was designed to withstand heavy rains over a long period of time on steep slopes.